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NOOD ( BEP20 )

denman nood wallet address.jpg


1074 Denman St, Vancouver

This address can only accept NOOD (BEP 20). To prevent asset lost, please do NOT send other currencies into this address


Check the active countdown dealsbelow and send tokens to the above address or pay onsite when you pick up or dine-in. 
( you need a digital wallet to receive tokens & pay)

* The items on promotion only valid if you pay with legendary noodle tokens. No cash value, Not combined with other discount. One person per order.Not valid for delivery.

Ginger Beef_edited_edited.png

Ginger Beef


Freshly Chopped Tomato Egg Sauce 西红柿鸡蛋面.jpg

Tomato Egg



Szchuan Spicy Chicken 四川辣雞面.jpg

Szchuan Spicy
Chicken Noodle



Photo 2019-11-01, 10 24 40 PM_edited.png

Beef Brisket 
Soup Noodle



Photo 2019-11-01, 10 32 04 PM_edited_edited.png

Spicy Pork Soup




Tsing Tao Beer


Cut Noodle Stir Fried Tofu Egg Vegetarians 全素雞蛋炒.jpg

Tofu Egg Vegi
Cut Noodle Wok



Photo 2019-11-01, 8 50 49 PM_edited.jpg

Stir Fried Rice
with Egg




House Tea


patato salad.jpg

Potato Salad


Lemon Garlic 油潑面 Green Onion Sauce, Mild Spicy.jpg

Lemon Garlic


Photo 2019-11-01, 10 01 05 PM_edited.png

Beef Brisket On



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