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Check the active countdown dealsbelow and send tokens to the above address or pay onsite when you pick up or dine-in. 
( you need a digital wallet to receive tokens & pay)

* The items on promotion only valid if you pay with legendary noodle tokens. No cash value, Not combined with other discount. One person per order.Not valid for delivery.

Ginger Beef_edited_edited.png

Ginger Beef


Freshly Chopped Tomato Egg Sauce 西红柿鸡蛋面.jpg

Tomato Egg



Szchuan Spicy Chicken 四川辣雞面.jpg

Szchuan Spicy
Chicken Noodle



Photo 2019-11-01, 10 24 40 PM_edited.png

Beef Brisket 
Soup Noodle



Photo 2019-11-01, 10 32 04 PM_edited_edited.png

Spicy Pork Soup




Tsing Tao Beer


Cut Noodle Stir Fried Tofu Egg Vegetarians 全素雞蛋炒.jpg

Tofu Egg Vegi
Cut Noodle Wok



Photo 2019-11-01, 8 50 49 PM_edited.jpg

Stir Fried Rice
with Egg




House Tea


patato salad.jpg

Potato Salad


Lemon Garlic 油潑面 Green Onion Sauce, Mild Spicy.jpg

Lemon Garlic


Photo 2019-11-01, 10 01 05 PM_edited.png

Beef Brisket On



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