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Legendary Noodle Nood tokens information center
*In this page you will find:

  • Facts about Nood tokens

  • ​Buy, Sell, Swap between Nood and BNB using Pancake Swap

  • Video links and Binance Chain resources. 

Facts About Nood tokens:

  • Legendary Noodle BEP-20 Token Ticker:  Nood

  • Total Tokens Supply: 100,000,000

  • Issuing Price: USD$0.0001299

  • Date of Issued:  June 13th, 2021

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Contract Address: 
  • Trading Exchange: 

  • Trading Pair: BNB/NOOD

  • BNB/NOOD live trading view & chart

  • ​​Token holder chart & BSCSCAN

  • Initial LP Tokens 100% BURN on Aug 7th, 2021

      LP Token Burn address:

How to add NOOD coins to your wallet & Transfer Tokens

Buy & Sell Nood & youtube Links

  • ​​​


Binance Smart Chain resource:

Install Metamask digital wallet



1,Download Metamask App

2, Set passcode

3,back up secret phases in order . Do not lost the phase or you will loss currency in your wallet forever.

4,Finish install Metamask- Choose Setting- Network- Add network

5, copy and paste follow Infowmation

Network Name: Binance Smart Chain


ChainID 56

Symbol  BNB

Block Explorer URL


Choose ADD Binance Smart Chain network

  1. Choose ADD Token

  2. Copy Legendary Noodle NOOD Contract into address line: 0x0b02470b8aa7a39fe23e62b8013c0a85f3cafece

  3. NOOD will appear as the Name

  4. Decimal 18


Finish Adding NOOD Tokens.

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