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August 2008

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July 2008

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June 17, 2008

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April 2008

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October 2007

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Sepemter 2007

The Vancouver Sun 
July 2007

"legendary noodle made his way up to top ten best valued restaurants around the world!, congrad !!"

"one of the ten top best valued restarurants around world"

“Lovers of the long slurp-worthy pasta can rejoice at the opening of another legendary spot dedicated to the most delicious noodles in town. Large servings at inexpensive prices is a dinner date that even students and busy working families can enjoy together (though I wouldn’t recommend bring your parents along to your date) without sacrificing flavour or their week’s paycheque." – E.J

“There's a curtain of beads in the front door, an antique water wheel hanging from the ceiling and silk cushions in the wooden booths. This is a place where you can actually sit back and relax. With its flour-dusted countertop facing into the restaurant, makes a fine stage for watching the affable Mr. Li magically knead, stretch and spin thick ropes into fine threads.

If you're in the mood for something more robust, try hand-cut noodles with shredded pork and garlic sauce ($8.25).The dish is stir-fried with green and red peppers, celery, suey choy, bean sprouts, dark-bean soy sauce, ginger root and green onions.The hand-cut noodles are also a lot easier to eat than the arm-length soup noodles, which had us soaking the table and nearly splashing the ceiling with ungainly tugs and slurps."

“the result is textbook-perfect: soft and chewy, yet firm enough to hold it shape under the heat of broth or a wok. American visitors to vancouver’s Legendary noodle can watch noodle masters as they waves and pulls noodle dough by hand”

"when it comes to filling  your cakehole without draining your bank account, one of the best place in town is Legendary Noodle(a.k.a the Noodle Legend)"

"Noodles made with flair. At Denman Street’s Legendary Noodle, the specialty is handmade on-site, fresh and tasty. I tried the former and slurped away, while doing Jim Carrey, stretching my neck around my partner to see the master stretching and forming noodles. The starters, pan-fried dumplings were delicious as where the fried pea shoots with garlic, and of course, noodle with lemon garlic green onion sauce"

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