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Noodles have a legendary history. People have been slurping noodles in China as far back as 1,000 years ago. In Chinese culture, noodles are renowned because their length represents long life. In this proud tradition, our Legendary Noodle makers brought this handmade noodles to Vancouver since 1997. As a teenager, the restaurant founder Brock Li, learned how to stretch, twirl and slice dough into slender strands.


The restaurant front is filled by an antique wooden waterwheel and bobbing Chinese lanterns. Past a beaded curtain, our compact space is furnished with dark wood tables and benches imported from China. Red silk cushions accent the seats. Other ancient wooden tools and garlands of firecrackers decorate the walls. By the open kitchen where chefs stretch noodles, a set of wooden screens carved with bats and butterflies are backlit by turquoise lights that offers you a slice of China.


Sometimes legends are hidden in the unlikeliest of places, so sauntered up the streets to our noodle making shops where in this case, our legend is made from dough.


拉面历史悠久,在中国最早追溯到4000年前。在中国文化里,拉面因象征长寿而闻名。于1997年我们飞天把手工拉面的传统带到了温哥华。飞天创建人Brock Li在青少年时期,便毅然决定将拉面的文化带给西方。

饭店前台布满古老的木质水车轮和中国传统灯笼。穿过入门的珠帘,呈现眼前的是具中国传统特色的红黑色木质餐桌和配有红色丝绸坐垫的长椅,,,刻有蝙蝠蝴蝶的橱窗,在青绿色灯光照应下带着中国的味道。在现今机器化的时代里,代表人力的古老水车,纺车早已被人所遗忘,也不曾想过我们为什么坚持用手工来完成面条的制作。 但这所有的一切,只是诉说着我们古人过去的传奇。

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1074 Denman St
Vancouver, bc, canada

887 west broadway
Vancouver, bc, canada

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